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“Tools of the Trade Trail”

“Tools of the Trade Trail” : held for Cadw Open Doors Heritage event 2017

Llangollen Town Centre

2-10 September, 2017.

Sponsored by Llangollen Chamber of Trade and Tourism.

The Trail will start at the Tourist Information Centre, and will follow the route of Castle Street West up to Market Street, Mark back onto Castle Street, cross over to A5 Berwyn Street South side, then North side, back onto Castle Street, East side, Oak Street (up and back), Castle Street, Bridge Street (up and back), cross Castle Street to lower shops on West side, ending at the Museum on Parade Street.

Participants can pick up a sheet at the Tourist Information Centre from opening time on Saturday 2 September through until 10 September, or from any other shops who are willing to stock some Trail sheets. The sheet will have a map of Llangollen Town Centre with numbers on for the participating shops, and on the reverse will be a list of shops displaying an old fashioned Tool(s) of the Trade, numbered according to their place in the Trail. There will also be a list of Tradespersons or Craftmen, listed in alphabetical order and identified by a letter or letters. Participants will be asked to decide which trade or craft is represented by the tool shown in each participating site, and put the corresponding letter next to the listed shop or site.

Completed forms can be returned to the Tourist Information Centre, with name and contact details. The forms will be ‘marked’ on the afternoon of 10 September and the one with the highest score will be awarded a gift token by the Chamber of Trade and Tourism. If more than one person has the highest marks for correct answers, then there will be a draw to select the winner.

Tools of the Trade Trail: held for Cadw Open Doors Heritage event 2017 in Llangollen Town Centre, 2-10 September

Answer sheets : Llangollen Tools of the Trade Trail, 2-10 Sept 2017

  1. Tourist Information Centre, Castle Street: NN. Tourist
  2. The Public Library, Castle Street: B. Bookbinder/printer
  3. Honeypots, Castle Street: A. Apiculturist
  4. Mooch, Market Street: GG. Seamstress
  5. Glambags, Market Street: I. Cordmaker
  6. Sidal’s Deli, Market Street: Z. Oggie maker or G. Cook
  7. Porters, Market Street: J. Dairy maid
  8. Lilly Rose, Castle Street: C. Carpenter
  9. Keepsakes Craft and Hobbies Shop, Berwyn Street: L. Draughtsman
  10. Llan Velo Bike Shop, Berwyn Street: X. Mechanic
  11. Llangollen Canal Boat Trust/ Lock Up, Berwyn Street: CC. Policeman
  12. Llangollen Canal Boat Trust/ Lock Up, Berwyn Street: H. Coracle maker    
  13. Blue Bay Launderette, Regent Street: QQ. Washerwoman
  14. Watkin and Williams, Berwyn Street: P. Glazier
  15. Murray Sutherland, Berwyn Street: V. Land/property agent
  16. Ragamuffin, Castle Street: LL. Textile mill hand
  17. Proadventure, Castle Street: MM. Timberman
  18. Witzend Gallery, Castle Street: N. Engineer
  19. Pets Store and Homeware, Castle Street: DD. Post Office clerk
  20. Gwalia Ceramics, Oak Street: EE. Potter
  21. Vintage in Llangollen, Oak Street: K. Doctor
  22. Passers Buy Antiques, Oak Street: F. Coffee maker
  23. Window in 12 Chapel Street, next to Passers Buy: FF. Print maker
  24. Bargain Shop, Oak Street: BB. Paper crafter
  25. Vintage Rose Tea Rooms, Oak Street: G. Cook
  26. Belles Fleur, Oak Street: M. Embroiderer
  27. Oak Street Coffee, Oak Street: OO. Upholsterer
  28. InkAndEssence Tattoos, Oak Street: KK. Tattoo artist
  29. The Oak Jewellers, Oak Street: T. Jeweller
  30. Lea’s Newsagent, Castle Street: JJ. Stationer
  31. The Oggie Shop, Castle Street: G. Cook or Z. Oggie maker
  32. Tenovus, Castle Street: Y. Needlewoman
  33. Gwyn Davies Butchers, Castle Street: U. Knife sharpener
  34. Barnados, Castle Street: S. Housekeeper
  35. Namaste Wales, Castle Street: R. Healer
  36. Cici’s Boutique, Castle Street: O. Fabric printer
  37. Solitaire, Castle Street: T. Jeweller
  38. Courtyard Books, Castle Street: AA. Organist
  39. Courtyard Café, Castle Street: G. Cook
  40. Gales, Bridge Street: PP. Viticulturist
  41. Antiques and Bygones (Colin Hurst), Bridge Street: Q. Groom
  42. Nook Antiques, Bridge Street: E. Cobbler
  43. Zingiber, Bridge Street: RR. Welsh cake/drop scone maker
  44. Llangollen Museum, Parade Street: II. Slate worker/quarryman
  45. Special Thoughts, Castle Street: W. Milliner
  46. Baileys of Llangollen, Castle Street: D. Cheese maker
  47. Fizzywiggs, Castle Street: HH. Shop keeper


List of Trades and Crafts:

  1. Apiculturist 3, Honeypots
  2. Bookbinder/printer 2, Public Library
  3. Carpenter 8, Lilly Rose
  4. Cheese maker 46, Baileys of Llangollen
  5. Cobbler 42, Nooks Antiques
  6. Coffee maker 22, Passers Buy Antiques
  7. Cook 6, Sidal’s;25,Vintage Rose;31,Oggie shop;39,Courtyard Cafe
  8. Coracle maker 12, Canal Boat Trust/Lock Up
  9. Cord maker 5, Glambags
  10. Dairy maid 7, Porters
  11. Doctor 21, Vintage in Llangollen
  12. Draughtsman 9, Keepsakes Craft and Hobbies
  13. Embroiderer 26, Belles Fleurs
  14. Engineer 18, Witzend Gallery
  15. Fabric printer 36, Cici’s Boutique
  16. Glazier 14, Watkin and Williams
  17. Groom 41, Antiques and Bygones (Colin Hurst)
  18. Healer 35, Namaste Wales
  19. Housekeeper 34, Barnados
  20. Jeweller 29, The Oak Jewellers; 37, Solitaire
  21. Knife sharpener 33, Gwyn Davies Butchers
  22. Land/property agent 15, Murray Sutherland
  23. Milliner 45, Special Thoughts
  24. Mechanic 10, Llan Velo Bike Shop
  25. Needlewoman 32, Tenovus
  26. Oggie maker 6, Sidal’s deli; 31,Oggie shop (alternative answer is ‘Cook’)
  27. Organist 38, Courtyard Books
  28. Paper crafter 24, Bargain Shop                                                   
  29. Policeman 11, Canal Boat Trust/Lock Up
  30. Post Office clerk 19, Pets Store and Homeware
  31. Potter 20, Gwalia Ceramics
  32. Print maker 23, 12 Chapel Street
  33. Seamstress 4, Mooch
  34. Shop keeper 47, Fizzywiggs
  35. Slate worker/quarryman 44, Llangollen Museum
  36. Stationer 30,Lea’s Newsagent
  37. Tattoo artist 28, InkAndEssence Tattoos
  38. Textile mill hand 16, Ragamuffin
  39. Timberman 17, Proadventure
  40. Tourist 1, Tourist Information Centre
  41. Upholsterer 27, Oak Street Coffee
  42. Viticulturist 40, Gales
  43. Washerwoman 13, Blue Bay Launderette
  44. Welsh cake/drop scone cook 43, Zingiber


Event Details

Event Date 02-09-2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 10-09-2017 10:00 am