Cottage Tea Rooms

Sitting in a natural courtyard just under 100m from the landmark of Llangollen Bridge, the Cottage Tearooms is ensuring a visitor tradition continues on that spot since the early part of the 19th century.

‘Ham and Eggs Square’ as the courtyard is known, was originally a small collection of B&B’s servicing the growing number of tourists flocking to the town, especially after the railway arrived in the mid 1860s.

And although the whole town has changed somewhat since those far away times, the Victorian tradition of quality and excellent service survives in this wonderful period tearooms, even down to the black and white uniform worn by the friendly staff.

Indeed, this Victorian theme is very apt as the good lady herself was snapped outside the building in her carriage on the way to the railway station during her official visit in 1888!

The historical importance of the building hasn’t been lost on the powers that be either, with it being listed and the whole area designated one for conservation.

The tearooms pride themselves on their homemade fayre, with the cream tea’s having a superb reputation. The scones are from a very old recipe, which has an ingredient known only to the Cottage Tearooms. This gives them their unique flavour and with jam and cream they’re irresistible!!

But it’s not just cream teas that make a visit to the tearooms one of the ‘must do’s’ on a trip to Llangollen.

The menu also caters for a variety of different lunches, sandwiches, toasted tea cakes etc. that all have that home cooked feel and certainly ensure your full when you leave!

But above everything else, it is the unique atmosphere of the tearooms themselves that has people returning again and again. It really does feel as though you are sitting in the living room of a small Victorian cottage, right down to the traditional fireplace.

Entering the Cottage Tearooms may feel like taking a step back in time but once you’ve eaten there your ready to explore the delights of Llangollen for the rest of the day…